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"Monika is the best yoga instructor I've ever had! I love that we start with meditation at the beginning of every class. She makes yoga so fun and relaxing but also where I can challenge myself. I feel so amazing at the end but also a little sad because it's over ahhaha

Her class is what I look forward to every Thursday. I can't recommend her classes enough." - Samantha

"Amazing session yesterday. Very welcoming and friendly. Very relaxing and a great pace." - Paige

"Monika has such a great energy! I attended yoga classes and a women’s circle with her and loved both. She is kind, calm, organized, friendly, and good at making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend Harmonik Flow Yoga." - Eveline

"Nice yoga with Monika. It is simple. She make it easy so that every one can follow. She do also a bit of meditation. It’s very familial. No pressure when you do the exercice. I recommend." - Noemie

"Monika is a naturally positive energy spreader and doing her work with a lot of passion - you can feel the energy. I always feel great after sessions with her." - Anna Heugenhauser, Oct 2022

"Thoughtful. Inclusive. Fun. I was impressed by Monika's calmness and clarity of instructions. She brought us through a unique journey. From the breathing excercise by the flowing river to a story of a dragon and a warrior. There was intention put into making everyone feel welcome. As someone who hated yoga, I can say Monika has changed me. She is forever a part of my journey into the world of yoga." - Lou Blanchette, July 2022


"A lovely yoga class in the park; very joyful and playful!" - D.A. Dirks, July 2022

"Hi it was so nice to meet you guys. First time attending meetup event, I was impressed. Thanks to Monika for organizing the event and the coffee break afterwards. Everyone was so friendly, which made me less nervous meeting new people. Is it true that yoga makes people nicer? Lol" - Katherine Yu, May 2022

"I was nervous about doing yoga for a long time and I did four (english) yoga sessions with Monika. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. I have scoliosis and she showed me different ways that I could do the posses that were comfortable for me. she taught me how to release tension and built up negative energy. at the end of each session I felt a deep sense of calm and I look forward to more sessions with harmonik flow. if you are looking for a positive, relaxing and friendly yoga environment this is the place. Thank you so much for the fun and amazing experience." - Tabatha Lynne, Oct 2020

"I have been taking some classes (in Spanish as it's my first lenguage) with Monika and I loved it, I was worried and concerned cause I never took classes before, but she made it easy going and I just felt very comfortable. thank you Monika" - Vanessa Youse, Oct 2020

"2 days ago I took my first yin yoga class with Monika and I really liked her professionalism and dedication during this class, and although I am a beginner she made sure to make it a very enjoyable experience. You can also tell that she took the time to create a personalized class so that I could enjoy it to the fullest. I highly recommend her class. Thank you Harmonik flow" - Kate Montoya, Sept 2020

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