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Private Sessions

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I offer private sessions of Meditation and Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Gentle Vinyasa Flow, and Reiki & Restore.

In my cozy studio on 4 Ave in NE Calgary, you will be able to relax, recharge your energy, and enjoy a personal atmosphere. My sessions are designed specifically according to your needs.

Yin Yoga

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Yin is great for beginners due to being a very slow practice with comfortable poses held for several minutes. We will take our time getting into the poses and finding that feeling where our body is slowly opening up while being still. This is a gentle yoga style with lots of time to meditate. We will learn to be mindful of our breath at all times, observe our mind, feel our body and be patient with ourselves.


Gentle Vinyasa Flow

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A slow vinyasa-style flow is a practice with continuous movement offering many options for everyone’s unique body. We will warm up our body gradually, flow gently through the poses, and take some time to cool down and relax. Every movement is guided by our breath. Practicing flow over the years has helped me to improve my focus and increase my strength and balance. 

Reiki & Restore Yoga

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Reiki & Restore is perfect for calming your mind down, relaxing, and balancing your energy. We will use lots of pillows and blankets to get comfortable. We will take time to get into the poses effortlessly, and practice very few poses in a passive way in order to eventually come into deep relaxation. Once our body is relaxed our mind will relax as well. As you're practicing restorative yoga, you will be receiving Reiki which will help create a balance within you.



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Private sessions at Harmonik Flow

4 Ave NE Calgary, T2A 3X9

1 private 50-minute class: $ 85

5 private classes: $ 400 = $ 80 per class

10 private classes: $ 750 = $ 75 per class

All prices are + 5% GST.

Book a session

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To book a private session, please send me a message on Facebook, email or text 403-850-3166.

Payment at the time of booking is required by e-transfer to

48-hour cancellation policy.


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Please be aware that injuries can occur when practicing yoga. Always use your best judgment when attempting something that might be challenging. By showing up for classes you agree to practice yoga at your own risk, and to release the instructor from any liability.

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